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Contains caring high quality coconut oil-based ingredients for hair and scalp, carcinia indica seed butter, guar gum and apple cider vinegar. These ingredients treat and protect hair while improving hair’s elasticity and reducing hair elecricity. Contains nettle which nourishes hair and prevents from dandruff. Contains horsetail which strengthens hair and supports it’s growth. The scent is essential and antiseptic backhousia citriodora leaf oil. Weight 80g.
Suitable for greasy hair and scalp, as nettle and horsetail effectively cleanses impurities from hair and scalp while softening stiff hair to make them easy to style. Particularly suitable for hair that has not been suitable for vegetable oil-based shampoos, even after a long period of use. Washing results will improve even more if the hair is foamed twice with rinsing in between. At the second time you should leave the shampoo in for a while to get it to really affect hair. While waiting to rinse it finally off you can wash your body If necessary, you can use Helmi conditioner bar.